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Don't ask to ask, just ask

Don't ask to ask, just ask

Case 1

In forums or groups on social media, I saw some people pop in and say something like that.

Any JavaScript experts around?

This is a bad form, for several reasons. What the person is actually asking here is

Any JavaScript experts around who are willing to commit to my problem, whatever that might turn out to be, even if it’s not actually related to JavaScript could answer my question?

There are plenty of reasons why people DO have the knowledge would NOT admit to it. The unclear question proves your laziness. Why people should do the work to solve your problem if you’re not willing to do it?

Case 2

Some people send me a message then stop there until I reply.

Hey, I have a question.


Alo, I have a bug.

They only describe their problems until I ask them to clarify them.

Hi, what’s wrong?

This is also a bad form. Why not jump into your problem so I don’t need to ask an extra question.

Hey, I’m reading [book] and I’m confused with the [concept]. Could you have time to explain it to me?


Alo. I do [problem] with JavaScript and [other relevant info]. I tried [what you did] but it didn’t work. Could you help me out?

The point here is not to ask, just ask.

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