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My resolutions for 2022

My resolutions for 2022

The coronavirus had changed the world and the way we live. I think 2021 was not a challenging year for me. I found it not too difficult to accomplish my career goals and my physical goals. Instead, working from home is pretty cool. I have more spare time to play with my buddies.

One article of Fobes wrote that 2022 is going to be Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point Year. This article pointed out 22 predictions of the world in 2022. It provides a lot of retrospective ideas for the new year. I highly recommend you read it.


Here are my resolutions for 2022

  1. Dive deep into backend development
  2. Dive deep into investing
  3. Finish reading list
  4. Challenge me physically & mentally
  5. Expand my network
  6. Moving into a new house
  7. Have fun + make fun of myself
  8. Try to be useful + help others
  9. Add a bit of love to the world

Let’s go!

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