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Random people make my day

Random people make my day

The blind pianist

I attended a piano concert this week. The blind girl played a piece by Chopin that was named Nocturne op .9 No. 2. The melody was so familiar to me that I guessed its name correctly. I wept tears of joy to see her smile and her performance. Although, she made a few mistakes and her face looked worried a bit but for me, she did a great job. When her dark brighten me, I knew hope never ends.

Ben Hoyt

This guy created an AWK interpreter that is written in the Go language. He was inspired by the book AWK programming and his father who taught him coding when he was a kid. I was just wondering if I would make the same story when my kid wrote in his/her blog “My mom taught me science and programming when I was a kid. She was my inspiration to create XYZ library”. For more info about his work, you can check out his blog here.

Besides his successful career, he also has an amazing life with piano and a fantastic family with his wife and 3 lovely daughters. I enjoy reading their family blog named Alien in the Apple. I hope I would become a great mother someday.

The classical music lover

I met T, an introverted technical man with a heart for classical music, in the small tech talk about JavaScript that I was a host in 2019 in Hanoi. We exchanged Facebook contact but didn’t talk for a long time. I was a shy girl so I read all of his posts and loved them so much but never texted him. He has been practicing guitar for over 10 years. This year, he decided to learn violin. I wanna try to learn the violin to make sure I love it as much as the feeling when I enjoy the violin expert playing pieces of classical music. So I asked him to try his violin. It turned out, that I did love it. We also had a great conversation about violin, physics, and religion.

We met again in the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology this week. When he told me about the journey of a woman who bought land in Dalat to live her self-sufficient lifestyle and then realized that her dream was impractical, some pieces of my memories came back. I had a question that I tried to answer for many years since I graduated from high school.

“Why did I turn boring quickly and NOT wanna see people?”

“Why did I NOT have any interested in any conversation with anyone for many years?”

All of his stories were so cute and hilarious with his passion for art and science. He was exactly the type of friend that I usually hung out with when I was in school.

Most people grow up and lost their ability to be freedom of mind because of their social responsibilities and their willingness. All the conversations I had with them were about career growth, financial advice, or general topics such as weather, food, traveling, etc. Nothing touched my heart. I felt empty and exhausted after that but didn’t know why. We smiled. The place was comfortable. I knew there was something wrong but I didn’t know what is it. Today was the best day of my life. I found it. FANTASTIC!

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